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Platinum Clubs of America (Platinum) posted the top 125 Country Clubs 2014 Rankings.  Congratulations to the country clubs honored as the top 4% of all Country Clubs in America - an amazing achievement.  However, the actual ranking criteria within has been changed by Platinum is questionable for several reasons.

  • Two categories merged:  residential country club and non-resident country club which has made the entire number cumbersome and unequal.  How do you compare clubs with homes, homeowner associations, school buses and architectural review boards with those that solely the amenities?     
  • The new "Universal Recognition" criteria negatively impacts residential country club's privacy for residents.  Security is critical in the
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Lendl, Krickstein & Arias Played at St. Andrews Country Club Tennis Exhibition

Krickstein Hosts Exhibition at St Andrews Country Club Prior to ATP Champions Tour

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ivan Lendl, Aaron Krickstein and Jimmy Arias played on St. Andrews Country Club's center court during a complimentary tennis exhibition for club members as a precursor to the ATP Champions Tour. The crowd was treated to world-class tennis and light hearted banter spearheaded by Brett Haber, renowned top tennis analyst and commentator. St. Andrews members then supported Krickstein as he finished 3rd in the ATP Champions Tour on Monday, February 25.

The crowd of 600 watched the free tennis exhibition at St. Andrews' center court

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Country Club Membership in Boca Raton

The cost to join country clubs in Boca Raton and Delray Beach varies widely.  Membership options, amenities and requirements are all different. The area offers the very finest in luxury country club living, but in order to make an informed choice with no regrets, you'll need to understand the vocabulary, the choices and the rules -- which I'll explain blog by blog.  I'm a professional luxury Real Estate Agent and consider it my responsibility to help you navigate the communities and help you find your best match.  Consider this Country Club Membership 101!

Country Club Membership is either mandatory or non-mandatory.  Mandatory membership means you have no choice - if you live there, you must join;  you must pay

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