St. Andrews Country Club from a Member Perspective

Life at St. Andrews Country Club from a member's perspective. The Fineman Family includes 3 generations from 2 1/2 years to 60 plus years and we are active in tennis, golf, swimming, basketball, video games, duplicate bridge, pool, fitness, dancing, karaoke, social events, dining and so much more.  That's why we moved to St. Andrews in 2008 -- so everyone would have something spectacular to do at the highest level through the intro and learning levels.  My granddaughter can learn tennis from Aaron Krickstein!  My grandson can be on the golf range or putting green with Morgan Pressel and other recognizable pros. My son can discuss finance with some of the most notable financial experts. My husband can take advanced bridge lessons with Larry Cohen and I can take intermediate lessons with Keith Hanson.  When you learn at St. Andrews, you learn from the best -- it gives you that added edge.  Periodically I'll share different aspects of life at St. Andrews from the member's perspective, so if there's some area you'd like me to cover, just email and if I can't address it, I'll find a member who'll guest blog the topic.

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The following is an excerpt of an email sent out by the Membership Director of St. Andrews Country Club today, August 12, 2014.  The Sports Membership has been suspended and only Full Golf Memberships are available for new members.  The future of the Sports Membership at St. Andrews Country Club is not certain, but I will keep you advised.

"The club has reached the maximum limit of new Sports Memberships available. The Board of Governors has therefore temporarily suspended the availability of these memberships."

Therefore, to keep things crystal clear, the cost of a membership at St. Andrews Country Club is $95,000 initiation Fee which must be paid at or before closing and no portion of this is refundable.  This is accurate on August 12, 2014. The

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Just when I think life in St. Andrews Country Club cannot be more unique, something happens.  While enjoying the salt water lap pool, I heard bagpipes and it was too early for it to be an imaginary bagpipe! :)  

At the Clubhouse main entrance, members and guests were greeted with a Scottish Piper in true St. Andrews Scotland traditional attire - kilt and all. (His picture at the bottom of the post - so, read all!) If you're not familiar with Scotland's St. Andrews, it is reputed to be the birthplace of golf.  In fact, St. Andrews Golf Club in Scotland is so traditional, they're voting this September to allow women as members of the club!  Even Augusta retired that rule years ago!

My personal opinion is golf was born in Scotland, but it is King in

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Buyers deciding where in Boca Raton to search for homes, frequently question which gated communities and country clubs are best for children.  St. Andrews security is tops in Boca Raton with armed guards at 24 hour manned gates, guard dogs, foot patrols and vehicle patrols. There is a sense of security.  St. Andrews Country Club has also been named in the top ten healthiest clubs in America, and healthy eating is great for young families.

Numerous member families with children live in exclusive St Andrews homes as evident by:

St. Andrews Country Club Boca Raton, FL Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 2013 - YouTube 

The children's video playroom by the pool and the Rec Room for children and teens is outstanding.  Throughout the year there are

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